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Please Post A Test Case

I spend a lot of time writing little scraps of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to demonstrate a technique or prove/disprove the existence of a bug. It is a royal pain to do that in a classic web page development process and make them available to the world, because it involves creating a file that is 80 percent boilerplate, adding my own code, coming up with a unique name, and dropping it in some place on a web site that I control. Ugh, so tedious. Fortunately there already is a way to publish these working code snippets, similar to the ease of creating a blogging platform. Type some code into a box and let someone else take care of the boilerplate. For code samples you can choose from and . If all you need is some CSS/HTML hacking area there is also , but I'll focus on two scripting-capable solutions here. Both jsFiddle and jsbin do basically the same thing, but use different interfaces. It's mainly a matter of preference as to which one you l